the funny thing about people

The funny thing about people is
that we are always changing
we are more than a brain stamped idea;
We are universes in ourselves
of infinitely smaller puzzles
making us feel huge, where
we can live between the stars
and move mountains in our minds;
we are beings engulfed in living
and to contain us; impossible:
We lay with humans
flesh and bones and chemicals
playing with limbs, skin and gravity
We measure with numbers and
compare our thoughts, reading black and white
processing pictures and speaking words;
We are in our own worlds:
we write until our thoughts bleed dark red,
we flush our weaknesses day by day;
we are stone walls hiding everything
and nothing all at once
we live to share; smiles and thoughts
we live to see the world
we live to be alive
but what are we beyond here?
do we exist when we’re not alive?
where do you go when you are asleep?
where is your mind when you close your eyes?
what do you think when you have nothing to sense?
where do we come from and where are we going to be?
is up to you


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