Coin Toss

I flick a coin to the moon
and catch the glinting dark once
but ripples just rise and leap
and glide and go;

I think I know what to pursue
yet in this life I’ll have
to lose not curiosity
but another lucky penny.

waiting with the moon

seems an impossible destination
unless I draw my breath
someone will drive by
walk by,
or the birds will not shut up
in my head

white noise
crumbles on and on
dead leaves
were sucked into the radio
or crinkled up
in front of the tv dish

it looks like the moon
half dipped in shadows
and quarter caught in the sun
matches the drain-plug
in the bottom of my brain
after a long day

dark smoke sets on open fields
after the sun does
the fog reflects shadows
and dew won’t shine
I am a moth to a houselight
a fly to a headlight

patiently straining
for a mind on a pedestal
in my arms
set on the ground
and in the air
humming and spider’s silk

perfect taut blue sky
or smooth rocks and sand
no prisms, I sit
down waiting with the moon


I Wish I could see the Full Moon

Frozen crystals abrasive against glass

tingling sound comes in surges

shuffling sounds out of silence

yet finally calm for the night

quiet and reverent

where the clouds hang close

as a blemished blue fog:

curtains hiding an entity

that reflective moon

full circle and bright

and tonight it does not peek

does not stop for clouds

neither wind nor wishes

part clouds for me to see

that full moon

and I wonder if

that white globe miles away

knows we watch for it

when it is most revealed

against the white of snow

and the dark holds of night