Unaware of sleep

I cannot sleep tonight
For something lurks uncaught in my mind,
Something unsettled in my heart I know
But that is alright because
Tonight is a beautiful night:

The dark sky reaches high above the trees
And lonely stars pinch into the soft flesh of my soul;
The wide open yawn of awakened night
Holds me perilously above the edge of breaking sanity
Into insecure madness, back to that place
I have concentrated so much time on purging from me

Yet now I know I am calm;
all that exists is all that there is now
and that is all I need;
I have no worries but a gaping mind,
Skipping through a few thoughts,
just me and these words,

The crickets continue serenading an open night;
So cool, the breeze wafts finally around my warm eyes, unaware of sleep
But I am freed now, ready for dreaming


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