Do not stop me
writing words that
make no sense
and this is the mood I’m in
Hey, Self
What are you going to do
about yourself?

Yes. I mean
I will continue to live
this life
the way you continue
to walk.
The sun is bright
and golden,
breathing light in the corner
of my eyes
and accentuating curves
in the quadrangle grass.

When did the branches
become so bare?
You watched them
but the last fell
when sanity dropped
and you were worried
about the trouble.
I saw a shirt today
it said
“you thought the world was ending.
you’re wrong.
We’re just taking over.”

Stop the fight,
I’m getting out
I’ll see you on the field
ready for the challenge
but not for blood,
no, a human fight,
tongues and brains
but not cannibals,
no, a human fight
they were right
you’re zombies
and diction is lost on us

What is a man
if he fears the pen?
I ask you,
What is a man
if he draws at a word?

Yes, I understand
it tingles beneath my skin
and what will I do?

I will do this.
Entangled in words
I have not spoken,
I am a man who
wishes to hold the pen
to understand letters
to eat words and
be words and
breathe them and bleed them
and leave them in the snow
where a wandering bloke
will find them and change
the world


because I wanted to write something

A lot of people tell me
whether they realize it or not
that they are not truly happy.
Well, I’ll tell you what I have learned about it
from what I have read, experienced, pursued,
I can tell you that
happiness, joy, elation
are something you create
your feelings come from inside of you
they are made out yourself
they are the fabric of your thoughts
when you think something makes you happy
chances are
you are happy
in that moment
so to be happy past this moment
it will not be
what you buy
or what you achieve
that will keep you happy for life
you have the choice to be happy
instead you could choose to brood
or could choose to hate yourself.
but this leads to anger and definitely not happiness.
So how do you become spontaneously happy?
Well, first of all
know yourself.
this is nothing more than
knowing you are human
nothing more
nothing less.
a link to the mysterious
in your body.
You are unique
because you are not anybody else
beside you
That way you can
Accept yourself.
This is an important part of being happy
when you accept who you are
both inside and out
physical and not physical
seen and unseen
you can trust yourself
you will respond the way you are
you will have control over your mind
because you are in sync with it
and that is third
being in control
or rather,
being your mind
the way you were meant to be
and on top of your feelings
this will have strange side effects
like accepting other people
being generous and
feeling better overall
maybe even lower stress a bit
now that you are this way
it is easier to see through yourself
and reaching out to people becomes much more successful
while finding happiness for yourself
is wonderful
there are entire communities
that can use people like you
unafraid to be simply happy
and you

can never love too many people