rainy day

Water only sits in the white chairs
on the back porch
because the clouds kiss the armrests
with their wispy bodies all caked together
instead of a summer sunbeam
or a singular butterfly,
I wonder what it must have been like
to travel in giant flocks,
all those monarchs following magnetic pull
or some navigation
so few of us want anymore.


The Thing About Rain

The thing about rain is that
it continues dripping for an
unknown amount of time.

Or how perfect it sounds in a pond,
tiny silver trinkets and bubbles
rippling the tree limbs’ mirrors;

I thought the birds would never answer
a gray rainy scenery, but their wing
feathers purr along in the downfall.

So, be like the rain.
And rain in May as you must,
and rain until the sun feels warm again.

But the thing about rain is that
it stops. And not when, but
why: the rain gladly finds a treasure.

remaining spaces

A different ripple falls into my lap;
it is the sound of pins dropping.
Tap my shoulders and fallen hood;
my spine is lax, my eyes are weak.
soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, Soft.
The rain is unafraid,
it fills in the remaining spaces of my forehead.


Everyone knows
the pattern of rain
dropping on the ground
have you heard
the sound of raining
on wet leaves?

When the red brick walkway
is plastered with
banks of yellow leaves
under half-naked trees
and misty breaths

The sound like
a drip in a porcelain sink
slow spatters of paint
landing precisely random
on a beautiful canvas;
the fresh slap of morning
for someone already awake.



What is it in the warm dark
that the wind must flag me down?
Dripping at the branchless mark
skittish limbs drag on wet ground
all because your voice was hot
my ears ring with shadow sounds,
meshing, they refuse to rot,
the water’s too clear to drown;
‘Til now I have never seen
the sky like grit or as brown
for plastered leaves could not preen
the sky apart from its noun.


like the rain
back to them
into myself
hair in my face
in my mouth
whistles by my ears
wet by rain
and I fall
nobody will find me
in the perplexity
of my mind
and trapped

It’s Raining!

Ignited clouds of fervent blue

layer on the chamber of night

linking arms for freedom new

of feelings beyond our sight

and release rain to touch our souls

and tap on grass dried stuck in tilt

to lull the song from our walls

to drum a rhythm that eyelids wilt.

For night will come and water fall

in deep sleep, no dreams at all;

because all I know is that we stay

and pain dissipates away, away.