have you ever noticed…

Have you ever noticed that
we are the ones responsible
for the emotion in everything?
That everything we feel
is reflected in everything we do?
and is it really that rainy days make us sad
or is it that rainy days give us an excuse
to feel bad for ourselves
because I believe that the rain
is beautiful
and refreshing
and reviving
in a calm way
we are the ones
that see what we feel
we bring the angry storm clouds
we paint the dying sky
we indulge in the illustrious night
the suffering landscape
the rotting walls of gray
of ash and dust and trash
we are the ones that see
only what we have in us
what we wish for
what reminds us of home
what we seek
as the most beautiful
faceted gems
and sturdy crowns
the humble branches
and carefree smiles
the streams of grace
and clear minded days
we find it all
outside of ourselves
all running around us
and catching our attention from the corner of our eyes
completely sidetracking our travel
but what we find
is all trickling through us
its all within us
it is us
only I
only you
see what we will
in everything.


3 thoughts on “have you ever noticed…

      1. feedback is a dangerous thing, i used to write very obscure poems with long lines, it took me years to trim them a bit. I like to alternate stanza lines myself, but even for myself now it’s rare to bunch them up into one long blurb.

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