spring in progress

Already passing time,
the blooming warmth of spring
drifting in a faint haze
of covert nostalgia
removes our jackets.

Then grasses tint to green
and petals just as bright
force their way through thick soil,
cradling the spaces
between heels and toes.

And cold ocean water
seeping within the sand
reaching only so far
as the wave will take it,
is freed in spring air.

This release of winter
structured by still crystal
increase in entropy
unbound by black and white,
all water flows free.

Land meshes and mixes
colors once abandoned
or scattered just as sparse,
turn open from shelter
much like bugs and beasts.

And then you and I still
believing in seasons
pass through changing cycles,
feel the raw thaw from sun
on our salted skin.


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