Warmth coming down
between green tree bodies,

You, a moss between shale cliffs
entertaining dust gray

Rest before ripping the tear-here tabs
at the edges of orange dusk,

before slow sky plains
into stellate pricks.

Choose a motivation
in knot-tying with grateful people.

You are not to be afraid of your intensity;
cherish it with mighty cupped nerves,

to your most distal
callous skin.

While the same street signs in your temporary home
set like gelatin

You protect, of all voices,
your dawn gray thoughts.

(Hi there! I hope you are feeling strong enough to listen for injustice and strong enough to unravel it within yourself. Mostly unrelated to political things, this poem is meant to push the personal mental space to my sleeves. Maybe I haven’t been ‘real’ enough is all I’m trying to say. Okay, thanks for reading, have a fabulous day!)


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