Sun crawls into the arms of my plant.
I think how happy they glow in the warmth,
their fuzzy stems arching around and up
in front of the house’s great window.
Their little leaves seem like ears, listening
but I think all their cells are in motion
rushing and bubbling up and up and out-
calm. carving on the wall in Luk Thai
ruffled pant/skirt and a wide bare foot.
He or she had the most comforting face
was all i could think. Long ears, closed eyes
round hips and a smile.
That was the first time I had curry.

Red curry. Coconut, basil, bamboo shoots,
Vegetables. You may not like me, but I wish
You well. I walked out with a full belly
And leftovers. She’s washing my bowl.
And kept thanking us, smiling.

I know I can’t keep the kitchen here clean
forever, but I’ll have you know I tried,
put fingers in mayonnaise, dried oatmeal,
and other half sticky things I wish I hadn’t touched
but then again the sun is crawling into the room
and all of my housemates are studying.


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