but in it, never lost

There is nothing wrong, nothing missing
because we have everything we need:
we need nothing, really
only the promise of existence
supports our fledgling souls.

We do not need the wind
to flaunt its sweet whispers
or the sun-sent flowers
to kiss our warming cheeks,
we do not need the soil
to nourish who we are.

We are without violence
we do not strive for peace
no, we go beyond that:
we are an existence,
a part of the structure:

this connection of webs
spider legs and branches
between blossoming life
and this green place we know
The place that we are now
it is not absolute.

But our hearts are mirrors
we are the capillaries in leaves
we are cells eating raw leftovers
we are infinite sky
when we are full circle.

As for now, we rely
on the stilts we walk with.
How are we not humbled
by base necessities?

We live by eyes and ears
we hold things just before
it turns to dust and dirt
below our feet again.

With out God and our crowd
we live on leaves and flesh,
we breathe the breath and drink
the blood flowing through here

Alas! We are alive!
be aware, as you may
stumble upon the stones
that do not move away.

Yet all of this aside
there is one thing I know
one thing that matters more:
all that I am is
what I am now

the best moment is this
the one where I wander
clear and open, with love
but in it, never lost


4 thoughts on “but in it, never lost

  1. “But our hearts are mirrors
    we are the capillaries in leaves”

    These lines are beautiful! I love how you described and compared hearts to mirrors. I seriously think I’m addicted to your writing now!

    Liked by 1 person

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