her city

Her city is black and silver;
suspends exhaust fumes and far lights
roses lost in centerpieces,
their red exposed to arched bridges,

Where silver ripples bounce and flow
and reflect no picture of depth
under noir velvet sky six stars
pulled by the clean clip of the moon;

Wild reaches of reds on branches
are not contained by her city,
nor are the yellows held for long
and browns and greens dip to water,

Slight rainfall in lines and drops,
nothing deep like diamond facets,
nothing full like a harbored flame
rushes free to fight this black;

Although stunning quiet and shy,
it is a familiar face,
autumn trickling through the night,
her city set on the river.


My thoughts resign
at the cricket’s chirp
under branches drowned
in nighttime browns

where small legs slide
over wings rickety
like drying grass or
crunchy in memories

run dry as speckles left
on opened windows
after rich rain lifts
those reluctant leaves

spread thinly over
layers of glass eyes rolled
down dusty roads pinning
rainbows in puddles of rocks

or imagination forgets
time when thoughts drift
loosely if given all
space for expansion

eclipse, perhaps

The sunset was so golden
it sent its molten metals
sheathing all the windows
and bouncing off of walls

The dying sun was reaching
I saw it melting through the trees
like an alien invader beam
it welded mush from leaves

When burning with hush’d farewells
it cried inside my eyes
and when it felt it drained itself
it kicked me to the skies

On final ends and darkness
the clouds were even jealous
they put on their best color
and stretched away from us

But wilder things were wished on
than the returning sun that night
and the early morning fighter crowd
got no glimpse of light

Darkened silence

Please sit by me
In the darkened silence
And dream into the night
With the floating fireflies
And moths lost in transit

Awaken from your crusty sleep
And soothe your mind
With cricket chirps
And dull starless skies
Suspended in dusk

As I am just here
You are a warmer lair
Far away from
Noisy generators
And muffled voices

Release the earbuds
For nocturnal surprise
Because together
We are just happy
We are just free

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word dump from night

We wandered in awe
encased in the still night,
lucid in its inky darkness
and cricket chants
as we gazed at the stars,
that sheet of a sky
infinitely deep and
holding the rest of the universe
between connected shapes
of perspective lights.

We were contemplating fear,
afraid to break this
routine hush under
bare reflecting limbs
arching over our heads
around where we stored dreams.

And we knew we were worthwhile
at least to ourselves
because we could smell
the plants on our feet
we could see
the shadowed woods
we could hear
bugs and frogs
we could gather
all the dew we wished
we could learn
the pattern of the stars
we could conquer
stifled anxieties
and we could smile,
the little bits we are,
connected to all,
we mattered because
we spread peace,
we could smile.

It’s Raining!

Ignited clouds of fervent blue

layer on the chamber of night

linking arms for freedom new

of feelings beyond our sight

and release rain to touch our souls

and tap on grass dried stuck in tilt

to lull the song from our walls

to drum a rhythm that eyelids wilt.

For night will come and water fall

in deep sleep, no dreams at all;

because all I know is that we stay

and pain dissipates away, away.

Night Cover

Along this path I walk alone,

the night takes me in her arms

as colors bleed from the horizon

my sorrows breathe into nothing.

The broken hues of frozen hands

wish to be constant like the sky,

with steady steps each star unwinds

across the stretch within my eye.

I know this calm is made of grace

with reach like low limbs, humble tree

from his hands, his feet, his face

that his body is protecting me