sequel to falling: drifting

When my thin tears
dried crusty
salt crystals on my jaw
in the eerie dawn silhouette
I saw you
back arched
across the sky
blue, green, white
as the sun whispered
a secret
from behind the horizon
so I spread my arms
out to my fingertips
and lifted my legs
and opened my toes
and just drifted,
riding the wind;
I was never alone.


I am my cup of tea
Tasting of calm rainy mornings
And reflecting the light
From gray clouds and tall trees
Standing just outside the window
And I am transparent
The bird calls swirl into my brain
And touch the front of my skull
And I am weightless
I am the scene
The green colors outline my essence
The rain falls through heart
And every sip of tea
Flourishes on my tongue
And warms my back
Runs to my arms, my toes
Until I open my eyes
Does the weight of my body return
I find myself sitting on the floor
Oddly dressed in black pants
Too dark for my mind today
But that is only what eyes see
For today I will be calm
And free like the breeze
Yet gentle as the rain

With a hint of mint

Grandiose morning

generous with sun,

immaculate clouds

and a vibrant hue

bleeding in the sky

Yawning wide

set in melodramatic calm,

charged with lush silence,

dabbled in beauty

That leaves me so awake

I realize

my pencil smells

Like sausage and peppers

with a hint of mint


edge eyes

So close to the edge
between refined space
and full free regrowth
sounds the rush of air,
wide hush beneath moving cars
and hungry engines
that drown out the sweet,
unmistakable echo
of whistling birds in song
and terse flapping wings.
These things are interspersed in
splotchy shadows lining bright
sun-lit green leaves that
angle a fine net,
a latticework to shelter
all innocent things
just trying to live,
clear like the deer’s eyes
not too far from me.
Her able footwork
is smooth and graceful,
near silent until
the break of a twig,
revealing herself
with broad sides cloaked in strong fur
and her steady, structured spine
but how curious, those eyes,
they see harmless things,
like critters see her,
critters that see me, and yet
continue their life
for the sake of surviving,
all innocent things.

This is not the picture I based this off of, but the only picture of an animal similar to the deer I saw πŸ™‚

it was such a nice morning

Clear and bright,

the surprisingly still pond reflects

flickers of green needles

lit by the wind

and contrasts glowing clouds

peeking over the hill

warm like molten metals

dripping through veins

of the birds

swirling focused in flight

and singing the morning

to rise.

Start of the Day

Come watch the day begin
In drowsy silence
As the birds play amongst
The beginnings of clouds
And powder clean air
Where gray fades to meet
Liquid gold running through branches
Glowing enough for the
Light of day