Plain eyes big and open

to match the landscape of earth

reflective like blue icy sheet of sky

timid with sun in the morning,

brown of trees, quiet and gentle that

live, grow,  and die in circle organic,

wondering and hungry like creatures

like humans.

Bus Ride

Droplets posed on glass

outlined by car lights

passing streets and signs

sided for my path

speed travel forward

into stale half used

homeland city air

Only night forgets

details unlike these

droplets posed on glass

End of Day

The sun puts warmth into the half dark room

gracing the wooden chairs and tabletops with light

as I sit glazed with bits of sunset

hidden from the golden clouds and orange sky.

While there are streaks of colors in my eyes

I know how to be thankful for this scene

as my dad always told me to never curse the sun.


Watch patiently as the sunset drains

the powder blue and and thin white clouds

burning it in an amber chamber

behind the lattice-work of trees

leaving in time for the onset of night.


Follow the Water

Following the water

through chasing currents

bounding beneath half frozen waterfalls

and pale green mosses

the rocks stand perched at the base of the river

holding the scene in perpetual calm

draped by trees with rounded green leaves

shiny and protected under delicate snow

with branches and trunks crooked and sideways

bent to their choice of placement

whose roots provide intricate ledges

where the icy water plummets step by step

through whites and browns

greens and berries of winter contrast the pure scene

arches of branches

fuzzy moss carpets and crystalline flow downhill


who knows where your steps will take you?

Post run feels

I always forget how a runner’s high goes
One minute pushing to a happier place bodes
A wide awake mind and an elevated soul
A newer perspective on ever stretching ground
That stronger bodies come from being alive

The Search for Passion

Where is my passion?
Inside, I am sleeping.
Waiting, quiet.
Until I press the words into view will I be indecisive.
I have always wondered what my drive in life is:
the one thing I would live for.
I know what that is.
It is to see the beauty of the world.
The smiling, free world.
It is to share that
to create it in words
to weave it together
wrists and arms braiding the words like branches of the weeping willow
scattered with the little flowers on the outside
fingers to poke the words from the clouds floating in my blue sky
running my mind at the speed of the drifting snowflakes
thoughts spontaneous like clear bubbling rivers rolling small pebbles
tangible feelings like wind and warm sun, breathe and embrace it
moving and not moving, the strength of each muscle underground
all form my passion
and I hope it makes you smile
or at least just your heart
Thank You

photo 5

Just remember,
If you can,
that you owe me   nothing
because all we are
is existing in the same place
at the same time
or so I’ve perceived.
But what I owe you
is the world you know
and the right to be what means you
everything else
is something I can give
but you take at your own judgment.
because what’s farther than this world we know?
these galaxies?
this universe?
and I am like you
a small piece
of it all
of it all too great for words.

The Sparkling Cityscape

Driving up-slope

between dotted lines

to a sea of red brake lights

and black car silhouettes

against the dark starless sky

one moon placed above

the sparkling cityscape

of scattered lights

and vague shapes

beside the ocean

a lapping abyss

facing a thousand muffled engines

in a frozen rush-hour

photo 2