If I have learned

If I have learned one thing
from wandering rushed streets
with crooked waves of bricks
or black gum scars and colors
against ageing remnants
it is that I have always had me
for as long as I can remember
no matter what I see
no matter where I walk
nor who I look towards.
I wander alone
but never so far from anything
connecting me to life,
for I have my own journey
and so do you,
traversing cities with nothing
but yourself
and experience from which
you are

Night Cover

Along this path I walk alone,

the night takes me in her arms

as colors bleed from the horizon

my sorrows breathe into nothing.

The broken hues of frozen hands

wish to be constant like the sky,

with steady steps each star unwinds

across the stretch within my eye.

I know this calm is made of grace

with reach like low limbs, humble tree

from his hands, his feet, his face

that his body is protecting me