A long rant about nothing

What is it that confuses you?
Is it your expectations?
Is it that your expectations are met all too often, all the same,
All the words come out like you think they will

It’s a wrapper.
A transparent red wrapper with the foil insides
That so easily wrinkle
You wonder about the person that made
It, so cleanly printed
And before it had creases,
Would you ever get a wrapper without creases/
Will you ever work in a chocolate factory
Or will you never eat chocolate again?
Or eat too much?
And then after this would you go somewhere else
Or get stuck there wrapping chocolates for other people
Who can’t slow down enough to eat them
Like me,
Maybe i’d like to be on the other side
Giving people something to savor
And wishing them to slow down
And wishing them the best
And taking it slowly myself, all figured out and well travelled and happy
And living in the stars
Mmhm,. Living in the stars
And I’ll have my muscular arms and hairy legs if I were a man
With a beautiful wife
And I’ll have my spontaneous husband
Who cooks rice-cakes,
Or something soft and light and crispy wonderful
If I were a woman
And we’ll live
All of us with our wrists in the stars
And sit in the cold fresh earth
Because we’d had it all figured out
And we all needn’t worry about our sisters and brothers we can’t see
working long hours in the chocolate factory
because the wrappers ceased crinkling a long time ago


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