If you prefer your brownies cakey,
then your pantry is probably arranged
by color, by brand and by size of can.

If you’d rather have your brownies baked
for the full time
with that extra egg-

so instead of a gooey pan,
the almost fluffy airbed
springs back against the knife-

then you probably chose not to lick to spoon
and probably chose not to buy chocolate
when you last had the chance.

Or, if you did,
you told all your friends
about this indulgent adventure.

If you would rather eat an almost cake
instead of an almost fudge,
your entire kitchen probably sparkles.

We’ve heard it all before:
Never judge a person based on one characteristic.
Actually, never pin someone to one title at all.

But proceed with extra caution
around friends confusing cake and brownies.
And, of course, around uncooked egg.


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