before breakfast

When it occurs to you
that humans are a
renewable resource,
Go to bed
and believe that’s wrong.
Especially when you’re
There will be orange juice
and gasoline tomorrow.
And sunlight on the kitchen
counter, a slow gleam of
window on the rounded corner
and spoons,
What are humans to do
without spoons?


11 thoughts on “before breakfast

  1. Thought provoking indeed. It occurs to me that AI ‘beings’ will be so much less troublesome than current resources and won’t even need spoons. They will obey the whims of their, no doubt, wealthy and possibly unhinged masters. 😦

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    1. AI as in artificial intelligence? That definitely relates. What an interesting idea, and you’re right they won’t need spoons or their own thoughts but hopefully it will never get to the point where they replace real life. It’s funny though, having more computers would mean humans need more resources that aren’t quite renewable in the search for something that is!


      1. Yes [pensive thoughts] the race is on with AI amongst ethical and unethical brains.
        Human beings being regarded as renewable resources? The weather is changing and melancholic clouds form.
        Before I take cover here are some cherries for you πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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    1. I would be! Thank you so much. But getting a third-person bio is new to me. Would you mind telling me who I can get to write one? And also, would I be submitting it to their anthology?
      Thank you for reading

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      1. Oh you write it yourself, just in the third person as in “Delores Artichoke lives in Wisconsin. She likes cheese and Hamlet” The anthology will be a low key affair and just be a selection of what has been on the site, so after the end of August I will pick out about 30 of the poems that have appeared over the three months. It will be cheaply produced within reason and distributed free at poetry groups I go to to increase awareness of the site and of the poets within it (and given to anyone else who wants one for the cost of the postage). So given statistics, there will be about a 33% chance of being in that too.

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      2. Awesome! (And I guess I could write a third person bio haha) Whether the poem makes it or not, I’d love to pay for the book to be sent to me. Thanks again

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