If I am an ocean

If I am an ocean
I still choose to be the sky
because gravity is enough of a seatbelt
although the sky seems cold and lawless
at least I know no end.

Did you know
almost like water
and almost like friction
bacteria can digest rocks?

the ocean has an end.
I am lapping myself in circles
sinking and layering

the rocks will fade
fish will crawl out
of my semi-buoyant black hole
and I’ll be

dredging the bends and
wishing I could evaporate

but the sky might have an end?
the sky might float in an ocean
in a blue/black

hanging on the edge
of a fraying map


2 thoughts on “If I am an ocean

  1. beautiful. I wonder how space would be experience if we could travel through it one day. Space and time bends out there, So travelling from earth, to a distant star and back again, Time would have changed for the ones travelling and the ones on earth at different rates. Upon return, humans may no longer exist, earth may have been destroyed. Thousands of years may have passed. Time is all relative. And space bends in ways we can’t perceive. The skies are limitless but in what way? At the moment the skies seem very limiting. Space is a hostile place to go willingly. Beautiful poem πŸ™‚ I very much enjoyed reading it. It certainly made my mind wander in very strange directions πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Thank you! I wonder as well, and I think space is part of the sky in a way that it touches down to the very earth we stand on. We’re in space! I guess that’s what the atmosphere is…maybe. We know so little about it. Anyway, thank you for commenting!
    Peace and Love, Aenne


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