Tribute to a Workaholic/Snow

Snow covers a porous body,
a talcum over cracks and dips
presenting a clean face.

Snow is a white bandage
made of pure palm ashes,
a one-size-fits-all veil;

What delicate and graceful knuckles!
How weary the eyes
that wish for white,

Each morning she wears her boots
and each day she puts on snow
as she drives her way to work

despite little sleep
despite the pains
in her chest,

If they start to notice
the powder on her hands
she’ll wear the bandage home.


3 thoughts on “Tribute to a Workaholic/Snow

  1. I have never seen a prettier compliment to snow . Especially having lived for 15 years in the midwest, it was referred to as the white stuff and that was when people were being nice. Usually they were more colorful

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