Welcome to mania

Welcome back!
To a disorganized room
to mismatching sneakers and
an everlasting shadow
the carpet never matches the walls,
Welcome to mania
to crazy eyes,
to self-entitlement blacks and blues
Welcome to the place
where flowers mean nothing
but pretty faces and
hiding places for snakes
and that decor
the tapestry, the mahogany
the piggy banks and bracelets
patterned, cute, pristine
Glass cases
hanging rings
mirrors polished by dust
Welcome to garage sales
where everything is kept
Pay attention
perfect teeth
bet you’ll ever see
the hand raised above their heads
because your eyes twist in
disgraceful looks
I disapprove
Could we just talk
testing the sand banks
the morphing dunes
the ebbs and shifts of
staircases to nowhere
in your voice?


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