another rant…

So here it is.
This is just me
waiting for that spark
to light the ignition,
for my subconscious to invade
my fingers,
for my brain to leak
like gasoline
flammable oil
ethanol ethanol ethanol
and I am
a broken record
playing back memories
right now:
everything is past
and everything I know
is in decompose-
down down down
to the bottom of the earth-
pushed towards the core
yes, there is always a but,
what dies
will be made new,
and there is no use saving it.
but there is.
Because although it is inevitable-
like everything on its way
falling from the house
the crooked walls
and browning parts
peeling and rotting
What was once shiny and clean
becomes homely
becomes dirt
becomes ash
becomes dust
like us
until it gets something called
the one thing we cannot touch
the one thing we do not know how to create
other than being animals
and raising a wild thing
to be normal
like a shuffle of cars
lost in the daze of traffic
we forget
that one thing that does not decompose
we do not know where it comes from
where it cycles through
what it is a part of
and everything falls away from it
folds away in wrinkles
tears into nothing more than soil
where little lives walk along
and tendrils branch out from
through the soil
over all of the dead once-vessels,
so take in what’s left
and love it all-
that is the only thing we will have left
we are life
one part life
one part soul and fire,
creativity and heart,
divine and human,
lost and never lost,
original and the same,
we are a mix of all things love
alive and beautiful!
if known
only temporarily,
so be it.



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