Dear bird on the rooftop


Dear bird on the rooftop
Tell me, What do you see
From the top of your perch?
Certainty you must know
the footprints in the sky
Do not belong to me;
Do you know what I think?
The pictures in my mind:
Are they the same for you?
Do you ever envy
The silver played thrust
Of a coasting airplane?
Or do you wish the moon,
Pushing the sky’s limits,
Was not so far away?
Do you wish you could fly
To the orange sunset
To become the colors
That glow effortlessly
And fade so easily?
Do you thank the unknown
For the release of rainfall,
Washing away the tension
From many summer days?
And lastly do you hope
To one day have two arms
Instead of feathered wings,
and for the sake of it,
A chance to change a mind,
If only just your own?


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