^insert human here^

Hello again! I just want to take the time to send out a personal thank you for all you beautiful people who keep the passion in this world. You guys are the reason for inspiration and motivation to get through long weeks at work. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little run down by this summer job I picked up, probably because it takes up so much of my day that I barely have time to write. Honestly, it’s not that bad, but I’ve dumped a ton of rusty feelings in the following mass of words that I have been debating posting for a while now. Anyway, it’s good to see everybody is as original as ever. Much love, Aenne

^insert human here^

You know,
I feel like nobody really understands.
I’m sure that you do,
after all, you’ve worked
the worst jobs;
jewelry polisher,
attic insulator,
secret mapping…
and I should be lucky
to build my resume
to work in a famous lab.
the lab of the future
the lab of beautiful machines
the lab of results
the lab of inspiration
but you know
that is not how I see it,
or ask anybody there
they’ll tell you
this is not where they wanted to end up
in this land of doing menial tasks
of working for a machine
of being replaced by a machine;
^insert human here^.
She said that it used to be different
That she used to have a sense of purpose
that the whole thing was about the patients,
the clients
and not the company
the huge company,
the money,
the machine.
It’s true
the lab of the future
is more ugly metal
than human thoughts
than working hands
than an active mind
than a soul with a purpose.
now it is an asylum
for lost souls
stuck in purgatory.
For what reason?
Well, what else?
“It’s easy money.”
Money, the root of greed,
avarice, the root of all evil
because in this world
that is all we need.
we feed the machine,
we can live.
The machine exchanges money
for life.
the machine gives results
numbers and takes everything.
a real thing of beauty,
a real human marvel
a real creation.
Really, we’ve outdone ourselves
hah.. we make more machines.
“and it’s so impersonal.
this huge company
that cares more about
paper towels
than humans.”
and sure, some people like it.
the rush of putting labelled tubes into computers
But the most of us
spend the day passing minutes
to come home
too tired to drain our feelings
too agitated with the state of life
for living.
And in that sense
we give up our freedom.
we lay it at the mechanical arms of the machine
to live one more day.
Wake up and dread going in
eyes glazing at the black pond
abyss we must jump in
and swim around in the dark
lest we open our eyes to
the white washed walls
and humming machines
and clocks marking the minutes we lose
to this bare endeavor
this mislead path
in this one life
they all got stuck in.
swim in disorienting black
until the night where we crawl out
and dry in the dusk
sunset colors and shadows
sitting crouched in the bags under our eyes
too tired to cry.
too agitated to sleep.
And you dare to tell me
that money is freedom.
You dare
to believe that.
see how happy you are with the quality of your life.
How much will you give until you are the machine?
how many days will pass until you rot there,
the metal track rolling over your legs
you gave up for this
and whose life are you living?
what is the point of
each day
being the same
so someone gains money?
if nobody is happy?
if each day feeds the corruption?
if you become less
and less
and less
of a human every day
you are trapped like a chicken
in a cage
with the promise of measly grains
with the wide sky beading in
every corner of your eyes
and the wind filling the land
that never ends
outside of this cage?
that is not human
that is not even living
not even for a chicken.
I’ll tell you what being a human is,
Human is
waking up to the time of the sun
understanding the birdsong
running not for release
but for joy
for dancing in the rain
for the thick hot cup
of cinnamon on a drowsy morning.
we are pain and sadness
loss and remorse,
we are bittersweet and growth
we are coward and we are stupid
but we are braver than you’d ever imagine
stronger than you have ever dared to test
greater than the strengths you’ve trained for
we are not settling for what we are now.
we are acceptance
we are passion
we are life and we are dirt and divine and animal
we are warm hugs and creativity
we are pencil on paper
music passing through each ear
we are the dreamers of constellations
we are the creators and re-creators of feeling
we are admirers
we are creators
but we are not machines
our freedom is not worth more than money
and we are not worth less than anyone else
not even the paper towels.
We are worth as much as we give
not in money
but in effects
what else is life for?
photo 4 - Copy (3)
some rocks for rough times, some foundation for the future, some light in the cracks


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