summer tree

Run your fingers down my sides
of peeling bark and hollowed wood,
I have rooted deep into this land
with legs that aged alongside time.

In this summer my trunk stands
amidst hidden nooks and valleys
with bits of light in greener shadows
nestled near leaves who decompose.

Among this strong wonderland
temporarily boasting green
I hum along to each cricket’s song
even when nothing can be seen.

Of the lives that pass through here
neither lost nor found my secret
yet my humble hands which seem to rest
hold onto only the remnants.

Find my peace around this place
no matter what time it might be
yet with teary eyes I stand alone
just waiting for some company.

Lazy heat passes my arms
straining to drink in warm sun rays
after each leaf uncurls from blossom
All that’s left is to sip on soil.



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