word dump from night

We wandered in awe
encased in the still night,
lucid in its inky darkness
and cricket chants
as we gazed at the stars,
that sheet of a sky
infinitely deep and
holding the rest of the universe
between connected shapes
of perspective lights.

We were contemplating fear,
afraid to break this
routine hush under
bare reflecting limbs
arching over our heads
around where we stored dreams.

And we knew we were worthwhile
at least to ourselves
because we could smell
the plants on our feet
we could see
the shadowed woods
we could hear
bugs and frogs
we could gather
all the dew we wished
we could learn
the pattern of the stars
we could conquer
stifled anxieties
and we could smile,
the little bits we are,
connected to all,
we mattered because
we spread peace,
we could smile.


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