excerpt from today

I wonder what you’re thinking
walking through sandy trails
when the wind starts tinkering
in what the pressure entails,
to answer the right questions
with little trees at arms’ length,
each of my steps careful ones
to ensure that nothing breaks;
silently tied to the sky
boasting wide blue and slow clouds
mouthing a long hidden sigh
from careless words build on pride,
forgotten, scattered in greens
buried under graying leaves,
structured, artificial scenes,
ground hogging, train of thought thieves,
if only for some seconds
while you’re kicking at the neck,
confusing, stick throwing runt
trampling plants without a check
at the connected picture
but we’re sitting side by side
wondering at the pond there
and picking at human hide
in our own minds, our own worlds
we’ll never communicate
because we’re lost in the folds
together we did create.


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