I promise not to be a burden
but just let me
melt into your music
so I can weave myself
carbon fiber strings
light as a cloud
and free my mind
from these tangles and thorns
these ulcers and eclipses
take me away from here
so I can be happy again
take my mind
for a little while
I won’t myself
not yet
and music is the closest we can get
to moving emotions
and playing with them
tugging strings
and vibrating chords
and forcing them to vacate
for a more beautiful sound
this gift
this gift so human
that we forget we are human
and believe we are immortal
caught in the web
a saving net of grace
to rest our head
and flush our eyes
for a little bit
and I wish
I wish so hard everyday
to be music
beautiful feelings
pristine and untouchable
yet so understandable
so tangible
below my collarbone where
air goes in and out
and this cavity
flows alive with each song
for this power I wish to be
Thank You



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