The Search for Passion

Where is my passion?
Inside, I am sleeping.
Waiting, quiet.
Until I press the words into view will I be indecisive.
I have always wondered what my drive in life is:
the one thing I would live for.
I know what that is.
It is to see the beauty of the world.
The smiling, free world.
It is to share that
to create it in words
to weave it together
wrists and arms braiding the words like branches of the weeping willow
scattered with the little flowers on the outside
fingers to poke the words from the clouds floating in my blue sky
running my mind at the speed of the drifting snowflakes
thoughts spontaneous like clear bubbling rivers rolling small pebbles
tangible feelings like wind and warm sun, breathe and embrace it
moving and not moving, the strength of each muscle underground
all form my passion
and I hope it makes you smile
or at least just your heart
Thank You

photo 5


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